The Top Five Real Estate Developers in South Florida.

Just by driving around, it’s easy to see that south Florida is in the middle of yet another real estate development boom.

Looking back just several years ago, real estate developers, lending officers and community leaders never dreamed that the real estate markets in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach would make such an incredible comeback.

With very little land left in key markets, the price of real estate continues to reach record levels.  The biggest beneficiaries of this huge price increase are South Florida real estate developers that took huge risks in the wake of the most devastating real estate collapse in the last half century.

The South Florida Business Journal recently  ranked the Top Five Real Estate Developers  in South Florida.

The Altman Cos. came in at number one with over one million square feet of development.

The Top Five Real Estate Developers in South Florida are:

The Altman Cos., 1,081,439

IDI 670, 699

3 Flagler 243, 213

4 The Kolter Group LLC 300,000

5. Stiles 239,255

Congratulations to the top five real estate developers. The best is yet to come!


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